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Seeking a Board Seat
Running for Oriental Town Commissioner
October 5, 2021

his November is an election in Oriental. There are five town commissioners and a mayor, all of which are two year terms. Oriental resident Frank Roe has registered to run for town commissioner:

I, like many people, think about and critique our government – Federal, State and Local. Beyond voting, supporting candidates and political parties my typical activity revolves around Monday morning quarter backing government officials.

Several things have caused me to seek election as a Town Commissioner:

  • A speech by Congressman Madison Cawthorn who challenged all citizens to get involved in government.
  • The example of other citizens who give freely of their time and talents to improve our government at all levels
  • My wife, Jennifer, who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. She has been actively involved in local, county and state government for almost 20 years.

So, I am learning more about our Town’s government and how it actually operates, what it can and can not do. How Oriental government is funded and importantly how those funds are utilized. Listening to current commissioners attending multiple auxiliary board meeting and reading. The Town Manager has been forthcoming with helpful information and her time during this process. Talking with fellow residents to get their views and thoughts about our village this has been a eye opening experience.

Oriental has limited resources both financial and human. The board has to make decisions on the best way to utilize these resources while complying with many government regulations and reporting requirements. The manager then puts these directions in to action. Actually, its not nearly that simple – but generally this is how it works.

Is there room for improvement – of course. Hopefully I can be part of that; with your support and vote.

Frank Roe
October 1, 2021

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