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Should the new Lou Mac Pier have a dock?
The pier could have a dock
February 8, 2019

he pier at Lou Mac Park was destroyed by Hurricane Florence last year. Town Hall has stated it will be rebuilt in time for the Croaker Festival this year. Reader Mark Fields writes in hoping that when that happens – it might have a new feature.

To the Editor:

I have a question for all of you in the village. I hear they are in the process of re designing the pier at Lou Mac Park.

What are your thoughts on a design that would allow smaller type boats the opportunity to dock there and enjoy the park? What a great place to take a little boat ride to and then relax in the park. It seems to me a floating portion in addition to the fishing type as before makes a better plan for all of us to use, and a great place for the little boats that participate in the Croaker Festival and College regattas as well.

Mark Fields
February 7, 2019

Update: Town Manager Diane Miller says that is part of the plan:

Good Morning,
The fishing pier goes to bid to be rebuilt to original design with 2 addendums:

1. A removable, but locked section of railing off the platform at the end that will accommodate access to a TEMPORARY/REMOVABLE floating pier for attachment during events only.
2. ADA cement decking that will be accommodating to those in wheelchairs and bicycles.

I have been given no other direction from the Board. Project goes to bid today.

Diane Miller
February 8, 2019

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