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Letters of Thanks
Trees & Traction
November 9, 2017

ovember 23rd is just 2 weeks away. In the run-up to Thanksgiving, some TownDock readers have been getting an early start at giving thanks via Letters to the Editor. For starters, Liza Wieland, John Bloom and Jayne Stasser…

Oriental is a wonderful town. People here are inspired to donate their time to trees along our streets and other public places.

We were introduced to Ken King, a member on the Oriental Tree Board. He helped us determine our needs and then 2 months later, volunteers with trees and shovels showed up. The result can be seen in this picture.

tree board
Newly planted fringe trees on 1st Street.

Tree huggers with spare energy are one of the things that make Oriental such a great place.

Thank you, Oriental Tree Board.

John Bloom Jayne Stasser Oriental 11/9/17
To the Editor:

Most of us don’t need more reasons to feel lucky to live in or near Oriental, and we know how friendly and welcoming people here can be. But I can’t resist shining a light on this one.

Last night, my own negligence (and my eagerness for pizza and beer) caused me to get pretty badly stuck in the mud behind The Silos. I thought I would have to call AAA. Chris Daniels happened to come outside for a break and worked to free the car, using cardboard and 2×4s and a lot of patience. He was friendly and very forgiving. I’m so grateful to him for his help last night and grateful for The Silos as an Oriental gathering place, especially every Tuesday.

Liza Wieland Arapahoe 11/8/17

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