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Letters: Thank you to the Minnesott Ferry crew
Looking out for a dog in need
June 27, 2024

hile often interaction with ferry crews is simply being guided on and off the ferry, reader Cameon Funk writes in about a recent experience where they went above & beyond:

On Sunday evening, June 2nd, we noticed our rat terrier mix was in gastrointestinal distress. After a phone consult with Dr Hicks, we rushed to make the 8pm ferry.

Letting the emergency pet hospital in Havelock know we were on our way, we called the Minnesott ferry.

After explaining we were on Kershaw but would be a few minutes late, we requested they hold the ferry. We can not be more thankful. They called us back in a few minutes asking the make of our car and expressed their concern. When we pulled up, they waved us on and put us in the first position to disembark. A knock on our window:

β€œCan we help? We are all dog people. Can I call you tomorrow to see if she is OK?”

I am so grateful for the kindness, concern, and compassion they showed to us.

Skye has recovered and is OK. Most likely she ingested a toxin. Thank you to everyone who helped our furbaby.

Cameon Funk
Oriental, NC

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