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Thanks to Neuse Neighbors Volunteers
April is Volunteer Month
April 15, 2024

euse Neighbors Network runs on volunteers, people from the community helping their neighbors ‘age-in-place.’

The folks at Neuse Neighbors write in with thanks.

April is Volunteer Month, and nothing proves the value of volunteering like the dedication of Neuse Neighbors Network’s wonderful volunteer team. In just the first three months of this year, NNN volunteers have provided 166 services for its members.

Of those, roughly 83% have been for transportation – many involving round trips to New Bern and back for medical appointments. Without the willingness of NNN volunteers to ‘go the extra mile’, these members would be faced with very expensive commercial transportation costs or missing critical health care appointments.

The appreciation expressed by NNN members is overwhelming. “The volunteers have been so very caring and helpful,” explains NNN member, Marilyn Long. “They’re just sweethearts.”

NNN member, Barbara Shields, who no longer drives and needed a ride to a recent medical appointment, echoed Ms. Long’s sentiments. “I don’t know what people like me would do without them. The Neuse Neighbors volunteers are wonderful. They are 100% good human beings, and thank God there are some left.”

To all our wonderful NNN volunteers who have done so much to strengthen our organization and enhance the quality of life in our community, THANK YOU!

If you’re looking for a fun way to get involved, meet new people, and build a stronger community now and in the future, Neuse Neighbors Network needs you.

Volunteering for NNN takes many forms. This non-profit organization, formed in 2019, is dedicated to helping members over 50 live independently in their own home and remain active participants in their community for as long as possible. Volunteers may choose to help NNN members with light household tasks, provide transportation to doctor appointments, offer tech support, share a walk around the block, or provide an hour’s respite to family caregivers.

Volunteers have the flexibility to respond only to service requests that fit their schedule and interests.

Ready to learn more?

Email us at neuseneighbors@gmail.com or call our Help Line at 252-665-8807. You can also visit our website for a detailed introduction to our services and member benefits: neuseneighbors.org.

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