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2016 Hoop Pole Regatta
Youth Racing in FJs And Optis
August 14, 2016
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ooden hoops are the trophies in the Hoop Pole Regatta, an annual race among young sailors from Oriental and Beaufort. Some local sailors collected several of them in the 2016 Hoop Pole, which took place Saturday just off of Oriental’s waterfront.

hoop pole regatta youth
Fourteen FJ’s competed in the 2016 Hoop Pole Regatta. (Photo: Matt McCotter)

13 year old Emmie James shared the top performance honors with her 15 year old sister, Caroline. She’d won the big hoop last year, while sailing an Optimist; this year she captained a Flying Junior.

hoop pole regatta youth
Emmie James and Kathleen Hale. (Photo: Harry Fluharty).
hoop pole regatta youth
Bow To Stern sailors, Emmie and Caroline James took the top prize hoop for overall performance. From left: Madison Scott Caroline James, Emmie James, Neil Landow, Kathleen Hale. (Photo:Courtney James.)
hoop pole regatta youth
14 Flying Juniors competed in Saturday’s Hoop Pole race. (Photo: Matt McCotter).
hoop pole regatta youth
28 boats competed, evenly divided between FJ’s and Optis. Here, some of the 14 FJ’s. (Photo: Matt McCotter)
hoop pole regatta youth
Caroline James and Madison Scott in the FJ class. (Photo: Don Munn)


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Posted Sunday August 14, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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