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2019 Old Theater Chili Cookoff
9 chilis, 340 tasters, over $3,000 raised for the Old Theater
October 28, 2019

eatless, sweet and spicy, or topped with cheese and cilantro. At an event like this a little bravery, and an iron stomach, can go a long way. At the 2019 Old Theater Chili Cookoff, nine chefs perfected recipes, decorated tables, and served their chili creations to nearly 350 tasters.

It’s the largest annual fundraising event for the Old Theater and this year, they raised over $3,000. First through third place awards were given for Judges’ Choice, People’s Choice, Chef Extraordinaire, and the Spirit Awards (for best decorated table).

Chili Cookoff 2019
Tom Cochran (he does have a nose) and Old Theater President Izzy Kepner show off the Dragon Trophy.
Judges’ Choice
  • 1st – Endurance Seafood/Todd Marshall
  • 2nd – River Neuse Suites/Shirley Garner & Edith Mason
  • 3rd – HillBilly Willy’s Roadkill Cafe
People’s Choice
  • 1st – Arlington Place
  • 2nd – Amma’s Chili
  • 3rd – Endurance Seafood/Todd Marshall
Spirit Awards
  • 1st – Amma’s Chili
  • 2nd – HillBilly Willy’s Roadkill Cafe
  • 3rd – South Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department Station 19
Chef Extraordinaire
  • Southwest Style Trail Chili – Larry Summers
  • Toucan Grill & Fresh Bar
  • Oriental Food Initiative and Inland Waterway Provision Company
Chili Cookoff 2019
The youngest member of Amma’s Chili celebrates their 1st place Spirit Award. Amma’s also won the 2nd place People’s Choice Award.
Chili Cookoff 2019Chili Cookoff 2019Chili Cookoff 2019
The came in different varieties and with different garnishes.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Will Wagoner taste-testing the chili from South Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department.
Chili Cookoff 2019
The chefs of HillBilly Willy’s Roadkill Cafe hand their creation to a brave sampler.
Chili Cookoff 2019Chili Cookoff 2019Chili Cookoff 2019
The menu, and a few ingredients, of HillBilly Willy’s Roadkill Cafe.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Allen Price wears his chili hat to every chili cookoff.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Nancy Crain and the parmesan topped chili from Neuse River Suites.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Cynthia Cochran takes a beat to make up her mind.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Diane Lemieux at the Arlington Place booth offers ‘sweet, spicy, smokey Dragon Chili’.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Amma’s Chili had a toppings bar at their table.
Chili Cookoff 2019
The firefighters at SPVFD Station 19 took the teamwork approach to serving chili.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Four chili contenders: Amma’s Chili, Endurance Seafood, Arlington Place, and Southeast Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department Station 19.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Ray D’Angelo and canine celebrate their two trophy win.
Chili Cookoff 2019
A halloween manicure and a cup of chili from the Toucan Grill.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Chili-eaters, score cards in hand, cover the grounds of the Oriental Marina & Inn.
Chili Cookoff 2019
Back to the bake sale table for more mini-muffins.
Chili Cookoff 2019
HillBilly Willy’s Roadkill Cafe won 2nd place Spirit Award and 3rd place Judges’ Award.

Posted Monday October 28, 2019 by Allison DeWeese

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