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2022 PAWS Pet Parade
Pets take over Lou Mac Park
March 29, 2022

spider. The Joker. And a basket of canine bunnies.

They along with 55 other four-legged friends hit the streets for the 2022 PAWS Pet Parade.

This inmate – Bella – won for Best Behaved.

PAWS, the Pamlico Animal Welfare Society, held their annual Pet Parade at Lou Mac Park.

Stopping to check out the grass.

There were more than 50 entries and the Bribe judge – played by Frank Bacon of New Village Brewery – helped raise more than $1,100. The trick, he said, was that he “went back to the last person [to give] and tell them they’d been outbid.”

Frank Bacon took his role as Bribe Judge very seriously.

PAWS uses the proceeds from the pet parade in their spay and neuter program, and to help the animals of Pamlico County.

Scruffy and his bride Pearl. The duo won the Survivor award – they were attacked several months ago by a much larger dog.
The Joker, in character. Stanley, and his human Kathy Kieffer, both won for most stubborn – him for trying to get out of his costume, her for keeping him in it.
Keeping up with current events, this pup dressed to show support for Ukraine.
Rolayne Schwendy’s canine companion takes in the scene.
Daisy – a terrifyingly cute spider.
A unicorn, a beach bum, and a frog dog walk into a park…
Bugsy looked ready to call it day and head back home.
Instead of all marching the route at once, the dogs were sent off in smaller groups – easier to control the chaos that is a pack of excited dogs.
Skipper, Squirt, and Daisy came as the Easter basket trio.
A West Highland Terrier walking their human.
Banjo teaching his human how to give him treats.
Willy Wonka, a horse (with jockey), and a walking Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club ad chill with various humans.
One of Berkley Hill’s hounds gets a close up look at the camera.
These two sombrero wearing pups got a ride with Mayor Sally Belangia.
Helga is a rescue pup. It was her first parade.
Honorable Mention:
Best Hawaiian Shirt: Bugsy, Laura Twgman
Best Boston Red Sox Fan: Dairy, Laura Stanbrough

The Winners:
Best Behaved: Bella, inmate, Lizzie Taylor
Funniest: Pearl, unicorn, Teresa Gear
Survivor Award: Scruffy & Pearl, Married Couple, Ginger & Bob Barnett
Most Lookalike: Chloe, Sherlock Holmes, Jerry Walker
Best Theme: Willy Wonka, Marguerite & Charlie Garrett
Most Bribed: Madeleine Sutter
Cutest Dog: Daisy, Spider, Mary Taylor
Most Unusual: Peanut, Yacht & Tractor Club, Stephanie Vorleiter
Best Costume: Banjo, Banjo player, Lynn Kaplan
Most Heartwarming: Molly May, Ukraine Flag, John Whitmore
Most Stubborn: Stanley, The Joker, Kathy Kieffer
Best in Show: Skipper, Squirt, & Daisy, the Easter Basket

Posted Tuesday March 29, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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