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2022 Town Wide Yard Sale
Antiques, guitars, and Santa Claus
May 9, 2022

icroscopes, guitars, violins, and even Santa Claus.

There were officially fifty-one yards participating in Saturday’s Town Wide Yard Sale. The annual event starts around 7a and continues until the goods are all gone – or homeowners are ready to pack it in.

Among the many treasures for sale – a (heavy) microscope with a wooden case.

While some yards held the contents of just one house, other sales were the combination of several households, as was the case with Prime Time and the Oriental United Methodist Church.

In between the dishes and power tools were several donated antiques. Like this couch for $90.

One of the many antiques for sale at the Prime Time Yard Sale.
Inside of an antique secretary for sale at the Prime Time Yard Sale.
The yard sale even had a find for your Optometrist.
Hand woven baskets for sale at the Oriental History Museum.
Mac McWilliams was selling power tools and instruments. George Bailey was trying out the merchandise.
Gargoyles to keep your books upright.
The OUMC yard sale was inside and outside.
There was more than one yard that had a boat for sale.
Paying on the way out at OUMC.
Christmas decorations – half off.
A sailor on a pendulum.

The annual Town Wide Yard Sale is the first Saturday in May. The next one will be Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Posted Monday May 9, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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