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A New Face at the Pamlico County Library
Meet librarian Caitlin Kuhn
August 31, 2021

was never satisfied with a ‘because I said so’ answer,” says Caitlin Kuhn. Her favorite book as a child might have something to do with that; it was The Big Book of Tell Me Why by Arkady Leokum.

Growing up, Caitlin says she always connected most with librarians. They not only answered her questions, but encouraged her to ask more; they fed her curiosity. “I wanted to be that for the next generation coming up.”

Her innate curiosity and passion for information science led her to pursue a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. Caitlin Kuhn is the new Branch Manager and Librarian of the Pamlico County Library.

A woman with long dark hair, wearing a long sleeved green dress, rests her right arm on a bookshelf in a library.
Caitlin Kuhn, Pamlico County Library’s new Branch Manager and Librarian.

Pamlico is Caitlin’s first posting as a librarian. Before that, she worked in fundraising, traveling coast to coast “about 90% of the time.” Seeking a change from all the travel, she enrolled in graduate school in 2019 to pursue her MLIS. After spending part of her school experience working remotely through the pandemic, Caitlin received her degree.

Kat Clowers had been the Pamlico County librarian. She’d been in the position for about 20 years off and on, becoming the interim regional director of the Craven-Pamlico Regional Library in 2019.

When she was elevated to Regional Director in February, 2021, Kat began searching for her replacement. Caitlin, then residing in Michigan, made her application.

She was hired as the Branch Manager and Librarian in June, 2021.

Two women sit at a round table next to each other. The younger one, on the left, holds a large wooden plaque with a black cat painted on it and the words Kat's Wi-Fi Cafe. Both women are smiling into the camera.
Regional Director Kat Clowers with Friends of the Library member Carolyn Bartz. The café in the new stand-alone library will be named after Kat.

After relocating over a thousand miles, Caitlin stepped into the role of Pamlico’s librarian. She’s continuing established programs – like the Gamer Club for young adults – while adding new programs, like Computer Literacy Classes and Tech Thursdays for those who need help navigating their phones, tablets, and computers.

Ms. Caitlin, as she’s called by the younger kids, says she really enjoys talking with all the library’s patrons and giving them new recommendations. “I get excited about what they’re excited about.”

September has a special event for after school kids. “The Monday Night Reading of The Lost Hero (Party like an Ancient God on September’s schedule) is something I’ve planned and implemented thanks to a generous donation to the library for after school programming for kids in the county.”

Caitlin is also implementing ‘scam workshops’ that explain what to look out for, how to research information that seems suspicious or misleading, and how to know if the information being received is from a trustworthy or reliable source.

Every month, Caitlin issues a schedule of monthly activities for all ages. It includes book clubs, movies, art lessons, gaming nights, literacy events, career help, and more – all free through the Pamlico County Library.

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Posted Tuesday August 31, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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