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A Hazy Instead of Football Regatta
A baker's dozen braves the weather
January 2, 2021

espite the rain, thirteen vessels showed up and Oriental Mark #1 for the 2021 Instead of Football Regatta.

The rain had begun the day before and continued all morning. Organizer Nelda Coats moved the race from noon to 1:30, looking for a clear weather window. Except for a slight drizzle and some hazy conditions, the rain held off.

Several sailboats heading away from the viewer into a soft haze.
Heading to a mark in the hazy distance.

Mostly sailing vessels, there was one RIB that kept pace with the regatta, keeping an eye out more than competing. Given the COVID restrictions in force, the mandatory Skipper’s Meeting (traditionally held after the regatta) was canceled this year.

In light of this fact – and the inability to pull the winners from a hat at the Skipper’s Meeting – Coats said that Kindergarten Rules for Winners were in effect: everyone who races goes home a winner.

A woman in red foul weather gear waves as a man and young girl look out from the cockpit and smile.
The smiling crew of Zugenruhe.

Despite this, there was a clear front runner who crossed the finish line first. Dan Gilbert sailed his Fulmar 19 trimaran (with red and white sails) across the line first, followed by Blue Moon.

A man in a black and blue foul weather jacket sails a small, white trimaran.
Winner of winners. Dan Gilbert in his trimaran.
A small boat with a blue hull has two sailors aboard and two small sails up.
The B&B Yacht Designed Avocet also participated in the 2020 IOFR.
A large sailboat with a blue hull has triangle sails out on both sides of the vessel. A small white trimaran with red and white striped sails just ahead and to the right.
Blue Moon and a Fulmar 19 trimaran battled it out for first place. Dan Gilbert’s trimaran made it to the finish first. Blue Moon took second.
A large blue hulled sailboat with smiling family waving from the cockpit.
A full view of Zugenruhe.
A man in yellow foul weather gear waves from a boat named Odyssey.Sailboat on the waterA smaller sailboat with a crew of five look back over the stern towards the camera
While Odyssey did not participate, he did wave to the sailors as they passed.
A crew of three ride in a rigid inflatable boat.
Keeping up with the Regatta in a RIB.
A bearded man wearing a white shirt and hat stands on the port side of the sail and looks around to the starboard side.
Peering around the jib of Ripple.
A white hulled sailing vessel with full sails and maroon canvas, passes by.
Passing on the port side of Makani Olu.
Blue Moon crew
Blue Moon crew
Trimaran with minimal freeboard
Minimal freeboard
A young man and older man, both wearing bright orange caps, sail by in a small, single masted sailboat.
Buddy Kelly and son, underway.
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Posted Saturday January 2, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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