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Chinese New Year Parade 2023
Dragons parade by the harbor
January 31, 2023

riental celebrated the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, on January 28 with a parade. Out came the town’s smaller dragon, new year’s banners, streamers, and noisemakers.

And out came the children. Lots of them.

A member of the dragon entourage.

Kids, especially, were invited to join in this year’s parade. The main event happens midday, unlike the New Year’s parade on December 31, at 8p and 11:30p.

This parade encourages the kids to take part. And they did; wearing masks, and carrying streamers and banners. They led the way onto Hodges Street, announcing the dragon’s arrival.

A closer look.

Parade watchers brought out the usual noisemakers – pots and pans – but there was also the odd horn or tambourine. One man in the crowd has his own dragon, flying high above Hodges Street where the parade is held.

Kids with banners, streamers, and umbrellas announce the dragon at the parade’s start.

The Chinese New Year Parade happens every year during the two week Lunar New Year Festival.

A crowd lines the railing along Oriental’s harbor.
Sometimes, you get caught up.
Making some noise for the dragon on Hodges.
Larry Summers heads up the Chinese New Year parade.
Bill Hines dips the dragon’s head down to the crowd for a pet.
A watchful dragon.
Not all dragons were in the parade … or on the ground.
A look beneath at the dragon handlers during the dragon’s coil.
Following the banner girl.

Posted Tuesday January 31, 2023 by Allison DeWeese

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