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Chowder Cookoff 2014
Scenes From The Competition
March 17, 2014
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everal hundred people attended the Oriental Woman’s Club’s 7th Annual Chowder Cookoff on Saturday and sampled about a dozen chowders. In the voting among the general public, The Silos won in the Restaurant category. in a repeat win for Chris Daniels, while in the Individual category, Cindi Mayo took top honors in her first time out with the Pamlico County Community Foundation.

chowder 2014
Chris Daniels of The Silos took both the People’s Choice and the judges’ blind tasting awards in the 2014 OWC Chowder Cookoff.

In the blind taste testing by judges, who included Gary Hardison and TV meteorologist Skip Waters, the Slios came out on top again. Meanwhile, the chowder made by the Florence-Whortonsville Volunteer Fire Department won in the non-restaurant category in the blind taste testing.
Some scenes and faces from the day:

chowder 2014
Cindi Mayo, chef for the chowder for the Pamlico County Community Foundation learns that her chowder had taken first place in the individual category in the overall voting It was the first year Mayo had entered. At left is Marianne Bruno of Endurance Seafood which came in 3rd in the individual category. At right, Dave Sargent of M&M’s which finished 2nd among restaurants.
chowder 2014
Jean Martin stirs the chowder that was the Florence-Whortonsville Volunteer Fire Station’s entry. In the Individual (non-restaurant) category, the fire department’s seafood-less chowder was the judges’ favorite in their blind taste test.
chowder 2014
Ellen Ryder and Adam Christiansen were serving up a shrimp based chowder at the Inland Waterway Provision Company table.
chowder 2014
Skip Bailey samples the offerings. He was one of several hundred who tasted the dozen chowders and then voted on their favorites.

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Posted Monday March 17, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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