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Chowder Cookoff 2014
Scenes From The Competition
March 17, 2014

chowder 2014
The 2014 OWC Chowder Cookoff on the grounds of the Oriental Marina.
chowder 2014
Pamlico Rescue’s Chowder Whisperers suggesting they could at least serve the chowder behind their backs.
chowder 2014
Winners of the Cookoff’s Panache award, the Chowder Whisperers from the Pamlico Rescue squad.
chowder 2014
Quality control. Chris Park takes a taste of the chowder he was ladling out at the Endurance Seafood table. The rockfish in the chowder had been swimming in the Neuse the day before and the clams were also recently harvested.
chowder 2014
Melanie Gordon of the Toucan Grill, on receiving the bronze shell for third place in the restaurant competition.
chowder 2014
Members of Oriental Woman’s Club were also selling desserts as part of the Chowder Cookoff fundraiser.

Posted Monday March 17, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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