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Croakerfest Regatta Goes on
Sunfish and FJs, Lasers and a Vanguard
July 5, 2020

t’s easier to keep your distance on the water, so in spite the cancellation of the 2020 Croaker Festival, the Croakerfest Regatta was able to carry on. Nearly 30 sailors participated in the event Saturday July 4 – as racers and as part of the regatta staff.

CroakerFest Regatta
Don & Christol Munn in their Vanguard Vavavoum. (photo Matt McCotter)

During the regatta, the small sailboats leave Bow to Stern Boating and pass under Oriental Bridge to reach the course.

Limited to smaller vessels, participants sailed FJs, 420s, Lasers, Sunfish, and one couple brought a Vanguard. Sea Bags, large tote bags crafted from recycled sails, were given to the first place winner in each category.

CroakerFest Regatta
Sunfish leave the starting line. (photo Matt McCotter)
• 1st: Lilian Prince
• 2nd: Ian Prince
• 3rd: Nicole Edwards

• 1st: Paul Welles
• 2nd: Jackie Welles
• 3rd: George Seacrest

• 1st: Don & Christol Munn

• 1st: Cole Wise & Olivia Anderson
• 2nd: Joe & David
• 3rd: Paula Hennon & Michelle Lunsford

CroakerFest Regatta
Harry Corbett holds a wind indicator on the foredeck of the committee boat. (photo Matt McCotter)
CroakerFest Regatta
Paul Welles on a Sunfish. (photo Sev Tok)
CroakerFest Regatta
The two person crew come about and head toward the next mark. (photo Sev Tok)
CroakerFest Regatta
This sailor may be coming about, but it looks like he’s sailing while standing. (photo Sev Tok)
CroakerFest Regatta
(photo Sev Tok)
CroakerFest Regatta
First place winners were gifted a Sea Bag. (photo Sev Tok)
CroakerFest Regatta
Croakerfest Regatta 2020 crew. (photo Jim Edwards)

Posted Sunday July 5, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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