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Dragon Run 2017 Into 2018
Oriental Dragon welcomes Year of the Dog
January 1, 2018
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emps well below freezing and brisk northwest winds that pushed the chill factor into the teens did not stop Oriental’s 2017-into-2018 Dragon Run. Despite the frigid air, hundreds of dragon run fans gathered on Hodges Street for the runnings of the traditional Oriental New Year’s dragon and the younger Chinese dragon.

Oriental Rotarians provided the dressing room for the Dragon and attendants prior to their performance. Blue aura complements of Oriental police car.

Many spectators banged pots and pans – thought to lure the dragon from its South Water Street lair across from the Provision Company — and provided a beat for the dragon teams as they paraded down past The Bean and back again.

Dragon attendants checked last minute preparations before their early run.
Hodges Street spectators were collectively smaller in number (than if it had been 60 degrees) but individually bulkier. Bundling up was key.
Dragon attendants celebrated their state of readiness.
Marguerite Garrett dressed for the occasion wearing her dragon hat. Her husband, Charlie, dressed for the weather.
Hot chocolate and warm hugs helped coping with the temps.

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Posted Monday January 1, 2018 by Ben Casey

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