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Dragon Runs Out On 2013
Croaker Drops In The New Year
January 3, 2014
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A few minutes before midnight a crowd gathered near the railing at the Town Dock. At right, Toni Leavitt runs the spot light…
Jennifer Smart handles one of the two lines to steer the croaker in to a waiting dinghy..
At midnight, the croaker hovered over the dinghy and earned a blast of simulated smoke.
The smoke clears in 2014.
Ralph Evey and Greg Tamplin were the croaker handlers in the dinghy.
croaker drop 2014
Hung over .., in a way different from most. After the drop, the croaker spent the night suspended over the deck of the sailboat, Steamboat and was still alight the morning of January 1
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Posted Friday January 3, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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