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It's Sunday February 5, 2023

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Friends Of The Dragon 2023
It takes a village to house a dragon
December 27, 2022

All 2023 Dragon Patron slots filled – thank you.

he clanging of pots and pans, the rhythm of the drums, and all those screaming fans. It’s all for one very important reclusive Oriental resident: the Dragon.

A man wears a large dragon head. The mouth is open wide, showing white teeth.
A handsome grin.

On New Year’s Eve, the Dragon emerges to wind through the adoring crowds on Hodges Street at 8p and 11:30p.

It waits all year for the big night, dreaming of this big moment. A Dragon of its importance deserves a safe place to rest and dream.

Over the years, the Dragon has been housed in sheds and barns, sometimes suffering from weather damage during hibernation. A few years ago it got a new home – a 10 × 10 storage unit at Village Mini Storage on Broad Street. It keeps the Dragon dry. And ready.

A crowd dressed in winter clothes hold up cameras and crowd around a large dragon head. A man dressed in red, waving an orange flag leads it through the crowd.
The adoring crowds; the Dragon waits all year for this.

The Dragon’s dry digs are funded through the generosity of folks like you, the Patrons Of The Dragon.

The storage unit is $50 a month. That’s where you come in.

Become A Dragon Patron
The Dragon needs 22 “Patrons”. Each Dragon Patron pays $25 for a half month of storage. The Dragon doesn’t need heroes, and will not let any Patron sponsor more than half a month.

There isn’t any Dragon corporation or any Dragon bank account, and organizers like that simplicity. So to keep this simple, Patrons simply send a $25 check to Village Mini Storage.

A large, multicolored Dragon head sits on yellow saw horses.
The Dragon, prepping for the big night out.

To become a Dragon Patron, just email in your contact info to info@towndock.net, and then we will email back confirmation and instructions on where to mail your Patron check. Your name, or your business name, can be listed as a Dragon Patron. Thank you – all the Dragon Patron slots are full.

Month Dragon Patrons
January 2023 Sharon Stevenson & Chuck Gordon
February 2023 Anonymous
  David & Jean White
March 2023 Winsome and Ahmet Erkin
  James & Eileen Denmark
April 2023 Steve & Darlene Marquart
  Chris & Anne Moffat
May 2023 Tom & Liz Lathrop
  Chris & Nancy Weinheimer
June 2023 Capt. Ron & Angi Diamond
  Madeleine Ann Sutter
July 2023 Ed & Nancy Kress
  John & Ellen Chappell
August 2023 Marlene Rittenhouse
  Ned and April Brodeur
September 2023 SalmonBoone
  Jonathan and Caryn Benton
October 2023 The Swanson Family
  RK and Priscilla Seals
November 2023 Paula Beattie
December 2023 Village Mini Storage ✓
  Village Mini Storage ✓

Posted Tuesday December 27, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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