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It's Saturday September 30, 2023

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Friends Of The Dragon 2023
It takes a village to house a dragon
December 27, 2022

All 2023 Dragon Patron slots filled – thank you.

he clanging of pots and pans, the rhythm of the drums, and all those screaming fans. It’s all for one very important reclusive Oriental resident: the Dragon.

A man wears a large dragon head. The mouth is open wide, showing white teeth.
A handsome grin.

On New Year’s Eve, the Dragon emerges to wind through the adoring crowds on Hodges Street at 8p and 11:30p.

It waits all year for the big night, dreaming of this big moment. A Dragon of its importance deserves a safe place to rest and dream.

Over the years, the Dragon has been housed in sheds and barns, sometimes suffering from weather damage during hibernation. A few years ago it got a new home – a 10 × 10 storage unit at Village Mini Storage on Broad Street. It keeps the Dragon dry. And ready.

A crowd dressed in winter clothes hold up cameras and crowd around a large dragon head. A man dressed in red, waving an orange flag leads it through the crowd.
The adoring crowds; the Dragon waits all year for this.

The Dragon’s dry digs are funded through the generosity of folks like you, the Patrons Of The Dragon.

The storage unit is $50 a month. That’s where you come in.

Become A Dragon Patron
The Dragon needs 22 “Patrons”. Each Dragon Patron pays $25 for a half month of storage. The Dragon doesn’t need heroes, and will not let any Patron sponsor more than half a month.

There isn’t any Dragon corporation or any Dragon bank account, and organizers like that simplicity. So to keep this simple, Patrons simply send a $25 check to Village Mini Storage.

A large, multicolored Dragon head sits on yellow saw horses.
The Dragon, prepping for the big night out.

To become a Dragon Patron, just email in your contact info to info@towndock.net, and then we will email back confirmation and instructions on where to mail your Patron check. Your name, or your business name, can be listed as a Dragon Patron. Thank you – all the Dragon Patron slots are full.

Month Dragon Patrons
January 2023 Sharon Stevenson & Chuck Gordon ✓
  TownDock.net ✓
February 2023 Anonymous ✓
  David & Jean White ✓
March 2023 Winsome and Ahmet Erkin ✓
  James & Eileen Denmark ✓
April 2023 Steve & Darlene Marquart ✓
  Chris & Anne Moffat ✓
May 2023 Tom & Liz Lathrop ✓
  Chris & Nancy Weinheimer ✓
June 2023 Capt. Ron & Angi Diamond ✓
  Madeleine Ann Sutter ✓
July 2023 Ed & Nancy Kress ✓
  John & Ellen Chappell ✓
August 2023 Marlene Rittenhouse
  Ned and April Brodeur ✓
September 2023 SalmonBoone ✓
  Jonathan and Caryn Benton ✓
October 2023 The Swanson Family ✓
  RK and Priscilla Seals ✓
November 2023 Paula Beattie ✓
  Tishimself ✓
December 2023 Village Mini Storage ✓
  Village Mini Storage ✓

Posted Tuesday December 27, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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