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Great Sailing For Leukemia Cup Regatta 2012
Photos From Sunday's Race
June 12, 2012

he 2012 Leukemia Cup Regatta this year lucked out with favorable June sailing weather on the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound. Unlike the 2011 Regatta – no wind on Saturday and a storm on Sunday – this year’s had reliable winds both days.

Godspeed, winner of Jib and Main class. On board, Charlie Garrett, Cheryl McFadden, Ned Albee and Mike Anderson.

First place finishers for their divisions were: Henry Frazer and Oriental Express for Spinnaker A, Ron Medlin and Bash for Spinnaker B, Charlie Garret and Godspeed in Jib and Main, Daniel Allen and Halcyon (first across the line over all) for Cruising A, Bob Luhrs and Cielo in Cruising B and Will Scott’s Marvana Dawn in the multihull division.For full list of results, click here.

Oriental Express and its spinnaker on one of the two downwind runs in Sunday’s Leukemia Cup Regatta race. Henry Frazer and his crew would take first place in the Spinnaker A division. Behind them in this photo, Water Phantom.
Here is a photo pictorial out on the river Sunday as taken from the committee boat before the race, as boats were checking in, as well as during and after the race. Many thanks to Ken and Carol Small whose “Miranda” was the committee boat and let one more passenger aboard..
Spinnakers on a downwind run in Sunday race. It was the third and final race of the weekend.
Cielo, Bob Luhrs and crew, just after the finish line. They would win for Cruising class, B.
On the Committee Boat, Charlie Johnson and the flag signifying one of the divisions of boats that would be racing.
First boat across the finish line on Sunday, and winner of the Cruising Class A, Daniel Allen’s Halcyon and her crew.
On the course, what turned out to be top finishers in the spinnaker classes. At left, Bash, which won Spinnaker B, and Oriental Express, winner of Spinnaker A.
Part of the crew of Bash — Melissa Medlin, Alize Proisy, Sandy Cross — work with the spinnaker before the race began
More practice. On the course, Bash’s efforts earned a first place in Spinnaker class B. Sandy Cross and Rick Scott.
The crew of Bash awaiting the race. Rick Scott (in middle, in boots) and Captain Ron Medlin at right round out the crew.(TownDock readers may recall them on another precision sailing maneuver in Oriental’s harbor last year.)
Before the races began, Ken Small took a reading of wind direction from the committee boat. The race was delayed a few minutes so a marker could be repositioned to adjust for the wind.
Henry Frazer, who with his two crew members on Oriental Express won the Spinnaker A division.
The crew on White Snake before the race. From left, Brian Sears, David Furna, owner of the Viper, and looking up, Gordon LeGrand
Two Gemini catamarans in the Multihull division. Eikos, captained by David Kibbe and Will Scott’s Marvana Dawn, (ahead in this photo) would win the division. The multihulls were the last to depart. Eikos would be the last boat to cross the finish line./div>

Two boats named Bodacious competed, though not in the same division…

Bodacious, out of Beaufort, captained by Mark Silver came in second in the Cruising A class.
Another Bodacious in the race, this one captained by Dyk Luben, competed in the Jib and Main division.
Behind the sail, a crew member of Bodacious.
Nearing the mark Super Bueno drops its spinnaker while My Dog Bites keeps its red sail out a little bit longer.
Mick Roberts at the helm of Gary Mastrodonato’s Dragonfly. It took 3rd place in Cruising division, A.


On the bow of Quixotic before the race.
Tinka Talbert who, with Clare Brock, was sailing Squirrels On The Highway in the Spinnaker B class race.
Photo — and audio — finish as Squirrels On The Highway squeaked by No Quarter to win the Sunday race. There was some shouting across the line as bragging rights were at stake in the home of Bill and Tinka Talbert: Bill was on No Quarter, Tinka on Squirrels. No Quarter, captained by Branin Thorn, took third place overall in the Spinnaker B division. Tinka and Clare Brock took fourth.


Team LaBreck on Ryoko, which came in second in the Cruising B class.
Crew of Tidewater set out on the Cruising B class race.
Nevermoore before the race.
My Dog Bites came in second in the Spinnaker A division.
Marsha Paplham and Joe Bliss aboard Song of the Wind which competed in the Cruising B class.


The spinnaker with the daunting image flown by Charlie Nelson’s Water Phantom.
The crew of Impulse, underway.
Art Tierney and the crew of Quixotic.
On the race course, four boats from the spinnaker classes.
The boat, Team Elite, which competed in the Jib and Main class.
Beshert and crew.

Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012 by Melinda Penkava

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