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Hurricane Florence Forces O'Town Restaurant To Close For Winter
Rebuilding for 2019
October 26, 2018

his is the last week O’Town restaurant will be open in 2018. Normally, the end of October means the restaurant moves inside (in the summer month’s O’Town’s dining room is a deck with a marina/harbor view). But the inside space was flooded by Hurricane Florence, as was the roof above.

O’Town owner Chris Daniels explains.

“O’Town will definitely reopen on the deck again at the beginning of April 2019.

We’re still working with the landlord to determine what is the best solution for the inside space. The part of the building that has our kitchen and summer deck is fine – it didn’t flood. That’s the old Train Station building.

But the inside brick building flooded – and for the third time this century. It flooded in Hurricane Isabel (2003), Irene (2011) and now in Florence (2018.) This time the roof also suffered hurricane damage. With that reality, both we and the landlord can’t see simply putting it back like it was.

So O’Town will close for this winter, and be back in spring 2019 on the deck. The inside space will be back after we work out the right plan for the future.”

O'Town Pub
Chris Daniels, owner of O’Town, sits among the damaged floor joists.
O'Town Pub
The floors, flooded by Hurricane Florence, have been removed. Putting them back as it was isn’t looking like a good option.
O'Town PubO'Town PubO'Town Pub
A look at the damage inside.
O'Town PubO'Town PubO'Town Pub
Inside O’Town Pub.
O'Town Pub
The pub entrance housed this now-damaged piano.

O’Town will be open on the deck 11a-9p through October 28. It will reopen April 2019.

Chris & Kim Daniels also own The Silos Restaurant, which was unaffected by Hurricane Florence.

Posted Friday October 26, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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