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Hurricane Parking Information
High Ground To Escape High Water
October 5, 2016

urricane Matthew has many looking for a good place to park a car during a high water event.

Here is a collection of info received this week.

First, please do not park at the Fire Station on Straight Rd. This had been a hurricane parking place for many years. Unfortunately, it got abused. Many parked where “Don’t Park” signs were displayed. They blocked fire trucks & the emergency medical helicopter landing area. The Fire Dept had to stop storm parking there about a year ago.

There are plenty of options where you can park.

Oriental Police Chief Dwaine Moore says he has received the OK from the owners of the Town & Country building – you can park at the Town & Country parking lot during the storm. This is high ground and there are lots of parking spaces.

From Town Manager Diane Miller:
town hall signWhen moving vehicles to higher ground, suggested parking includes the bridge, overflow lot at Methodist Church, Town Hall lot / Baptist lot, St. Peter’s, the gravel lot BEHIND the Fire Station property (the rec center parking) – NOT the fire station property (this is a landing zone for EastCare). OPD asks that you put a card in your window with your name and phone number if parking a vehicle off your own property, so we can reach you in case we need the vehicle moved for any reason.

This from Blair & Becca Lang at Arlington Place:
Arlington Place invites our local neighbors to park their vehicles in our neighborhood if there is a need. Starting Thursday, you can park either on the Burton Farm Road (main drag) or continue towards the river where there are more open field areas. If you are within the gates, Gates Close At 6pm And Open At 7am and you will not have access during these hours. Keep 2 tires on the road… Arlington Place does not flood but will get soupy. Park At Your Own Risk, and please remove vehicles promptly after the storm passes. Leave your name and # on the dash so we can contact you should there be an issue. Call 252-249-9833 from 10-5 if you have questions.

Posted Wednesday October 5, 2016 by Keith N. Smith

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