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Impromptu Art Show
Oeuvres From Kids' Art Camp
July 3, 2012
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dozen artists put their work on display in an impromptu show on June 2 outside Oriental United Methodist Church. The 12 were the students who took part in an art camp organized by the Pamlico County Arts Council. After the three-day session there was a lot to show for the effort.

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Art on the line….
Art was arranged on several clotheslines.

Toni Leavitt and Julie Gaines Summers taught the artists — aged 8-12 — for three hours a day during which they learned drawing, sketching and painting. The students were from both in town and from out of town. Some were visiting their grandparents, and several were children who lived on board boats that were gracing Oriental’s harbor.

Here then, is a collection of the work:

Several of the students with their teachers, Toni Leavitt and Julie Gaines Summers.
A crowded anchorage of art on the lines, led some work to be laid out on the grass.
Anna Torkelson with her sketch of a sailboat at sea. Though the boat is a monohull, Anna lives with her family aboard a catamaran.
Art was in the air, especially as a breeze kicked in…
… and quick reflexes retrieved the art.
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Posted Tuesday July 3, 2012 by Melinda Penkava

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