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Jazz for a Cause
Jazz Ensemble raise funds for bandmates
March 4, 2020

uperior. It’s the highest ranking a competitive high school band can receive. Pamlico County High School Band has earned it five years in a row.

Bands travel to compete. This year the band needed extra funds to help all 33 musicians get to the Worldstrides Heritage Music Festival in Wilmington, VA; two were unable to afford the trip.

PCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz Band
The saxophone section. Throughout the night, several of the musicians wound their way to the front of the ensemble for solo performances.

A newly formed group in town – the Goddesses of Oriental – stepped up to help. “There are a lot of organizations that need money. We wanted to do problem-solving fundraisers; to have a goal amount, not just open-ended fundraising,” said Goddesses member Addrean Hahn, “and to let people know exactly what that money is going to buy.”

For the entire band to make it to Wilmington, they needed an extra $1,100. Anything raised over that amount, said Hahn, “would be donated to the band for next year’s uniforms.”

PCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz Band
Many ensemble members chose to perform in Mardi Gras masks, some in the traditional fashion and some not.

Working with Silos’ owner Chris Daniels, the Goddesses arranged to have the Jazz Ensemble – a group within the Pamlico High School Band – play jazz tunes in honor of Mardi Gras.

PCHS Jazz Band
Seated on the Res Rooster stage were the drummer and bass guitarist, keeping time for the ensemble while trying to stay warm.
PCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz Band
Jazz Band director Jim Durham occasionally accompanied the band on a small, 101 year old soprano saxophone.

Chris supplied the Red Rooster stage and the jambalaya, the Jazz Ensemble provided the tunes, and the Goddesses made their debut. it was a thermally challenging night – temps reached into the low 40s during the performance – but the musicians made it through nearly two hours of music, the huddled crowd tapping and swaying along to the music.

PCHS Jazz Band
Chris Daniels dressed for the weather, drinking hot coffee and serving hotter jambalaya.

Members of the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival gave the band a $500 donation, and Silos employee Michelle Sherman (who tended bar during the performance), donated her tips. Silos owner, Chris Daniels also donated $400 to the band.

PCHS Jazz Band
Commissioner Allen Price and Leslie Kellenberger present members of the Jazz Band with a donation from the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival.

Addrean Hahn and the Goddess reported that the event, along with the generous donations, received enough money to fund the trip for all students; all 33 Pamlico High School Band members will be able to make the trip to the Worldstrides Heritage Music Festival in Williamsburg, VA.

PCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz BandPCHS Jazz Band
The Jazz Ensemble and the Goddesses of Oriental.

Posted Wednesday March 4, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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