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Love and Contrasting Styles
Dodi & John Groesser - September Artists of the Month
September 6, 2022

n art major and an accounting major fell in love during college. Forty-nine years later, they’re both at the easel, working in different mediums and producing art that is very distinct from each other.

Elegance Walking by Dodi Groesser.

Dodi and John met while in school in Nebraska. John’s father told him he’d never make a living as an artist unless he wanted to teach, so he pursued other paths. But he ended up falling in love with an artist.

John and Dodi, now retired, have set up their studio space so that they are across a long room from each other. Far enough to stay out of each other’s way, but still close enough to offer a critique.

Detail from Oriental Buoys by John Groesser.

“We really paint our personalities,” says Dodi. “That’s why our styles are so different…” she says. “He’s just more outgoing – always has been.”

“I’m really cheap and I get confused if I have a bunch [of colors],” says John.

“Everything I paint is only these colors right here.” John is painting on the porch of the Village Gallery and has five colors in front of him: white, yellow, a cool red and a warm one, and blue.

John’s paint palette consists of very few colors – he mixes what he needs from a few basic colors.
Garden Dance by Dodi Groesser.
Detail from Resting and Waiting by John Groesser.

John characterizes his style as ‘Open Expressionism’, using a palette knife and a limited range of bold colors to create texture and emotion in his canvases.

Detail from Rest at Sunset by Dodi Groesser.

Dodi prefers to work with softer hues while still using color. Her work has more detail, less texture, and is calming. Working with oils means Dodi’s pieces take days to dry and ready for display.

John, on the other hand, prefers acrylics and a palette knife – he says it’s easier to buildup the texture and create hard edges that way. Using the acrylic paint means his canvases can be nearly dry overnight.

Unnamed painting created by John Groesser.

Dodi and John are The Village Gallery September Artists of the month. Their work will be on display throughout the month of September.

Detail from Red, White and Blue by John Groesser.
On the Move by Dodi Groesser.
Night Sailing by John Groesser.
Detail from Oriental’s Finest by John Groesser.
Detail from Moving On by Dodi Groesser.
Blue Vase and Flowers by John Groesser.
John and Dodi Groesser on the front porch of The Village Gallery.

The Village Gallery is open noon to 5p on Wednesdays and Sundays, and 10a – 5p, Thursday – Saturday.

Posted Tuesday September 6, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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