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Methodist Parsonage Comes Down
A mold problem that couldn't be fixed
August 18, 2009
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he walls — along with the dormers and roof — of the Methodist Church parsonage came tumbling down in late July. If you live in Oriental it was a familiar sight on walks along the river. Visitors will recall the parsonage property as the location of the popular fish fries during the Croaker Festival.

The parsonage of the Methodist Church moments before its roof is taken down.

Curbside seating on South Avenue to watch the Methodist parsonage come down on the last day or July.

The brick-faced home, built more than a half century ago, was said to have a mold problem that couldn’t be fixed. The church hired Fran Law of Broad Creek Construction to take the building down.

The scene a few days earlier.

The structure wasn’t simply razed in a day. Whatever could be salvaged from the inside — windows, doors, floorboards — was removed and sent off to Habitat for Humanity. Shrubs were scooped out and held aside for a transplant at a Habitat home in Bayboro. The process of salvage and knockdown took several days.

The familiar doorway.
..and from the inside looking out on Lou-Mac Park and the Neuse River.

More photos….

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Posted Tuesday August 18, 2009 by Melinda Penkava

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