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Midday Fog and Oriental Bridge
Photo Essay
December 2, 2013

hen fog appears it’s usually in the morning, darkening the skies. In Oriental a fog with the sun shining in from overhead in the middle of the day brings a rarer light. foggy bridge
The Oriental Bridge. The fog had not only shrouded the view to the eye, it buffered the midday noise. The clackeda-clackeda of cars passing on the bridge was the only sound.

Such a midday fog descended on town one Sunday in November, and if you went out in to it, you found the fog acting as an ever-moving frame for scenes that might otherwise be thought of as commonplace.

The Oriental bridge was one of them.

foggy bridge
Creekside fog effect.
foggy bridge
A trawler in Green’s Creek. In the foreground, the remnants of an old pier near where a sawmill stood a century ago..
foggy bridge
Nearby, at the Oriental anchorage and dinghy dock, a midday monochrome.
foggy bridge
A sailboat heads toward the bridge and the river’s fog….
foggy bridge
It passes under…
foggy bridge
… and out to the river.

Just ahead, the fog lifts….


foggy bridge
A cathedral-like setting under the bridge.
foggy bridge
Some light emerges creekside.
… more light…
foggy bridge
And then the sun cut through the fog to the west. As seen from the northeast side of the bridge, looking toward Greens Creek.

Posted Monday December 2, 2013 by Melinda Penkava

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