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Miss Murple's Last Case
April Fri April 7 through Sun April 9 @ The Old Theater
April 6, 2017

miss murple
The set of Miss Murples Last Case
article submitted by the Old Theater

he Old Theater presents Miss Murple’s Last Case, an interactive murder mystery presented by Bill Hand and his cast. Audiences will remember Bill as the director of Exit the King (2014) and as Samuel Clemens in Mark Twain: Day & Night (2016), which Bill compiled and performed.

Miss Murple’s Last Case takes place at the Ambassador Hotel, where some of the world’s greatest spies and sleuths have gathered, unknown to each other, to meet with the notorious Beezle Crittenham.

Who is this Beezle Crittenham? Is he a thief, a villain, an enemy spy or a con man? No one knows, but as the mystery unfolds, questions arise: What is the reason each person has for meeting with Crittenham? More importantly, why is Crittenham dead? Who killed him? And why?

And another mystery unfolding: Who on earth is hiding the incredibly valuable national treasure, Green Flem? What is it? Why was it stolen and how valuable is it?

There are many questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer these questions: Who? What? Where? Why?

Miss Murple (played by Sue Baldwin), the world’s greatest amateur sleuth and spinster, has helped London Yard solve a hundred crimes. She may be not as ‘spry’ as she was in her prime years of solving cases, but can she still use her investigative abilities to solve the case?

The Suspects
Bob the butler (played by Bill Hand): Isn’t it funny that there’s always a butler as a suspect? He has a dream career but we must wait to find out what it is. Bob is not very bright and scared of everything. So we wonder what career that could be or how far will he go to make it a reality.

Etta (played by Nancy Hitchcock): The most dangerous spy America every created. Unfortunately, she is paired with Bob, the butler. She was sent on a secret mysterious meeting with Beezle Crittenham. Was she supposed to get his plans of evil or solve his death? Or did she have something to do with his death? Hmmm, more questions…

Cutter (played by Blake Samperi): A gumshoe detective who sneaks his way around through controversy to catch his man. He thinks he can flatter or hoodwink women. As they say flattery can get you anywhere, but in his case, we’ll have to wait and see. Cutter has a score to settle with Crittenham … or did he already settle it?

Sellers (played by John Baldwin): An inventor and creator of amazing gadgets. He needs backing to fund his inventions and seeks out Crittenham. Does Crittenham back down and Sellers seek revenge? What is it about Sellers or his gadgets that he would be so desperate to go this far?

Beulah (played by Sheri Kelley): The undercover nurse for Miss Murple and a spy from the old (and backward) country of Solobolonia. (Where, you ask, is Solobolonia?) Did she win a contest? Or was she promised something? She has come to collect her special prize from Crittenham. Will she use any means she can to collect on that promise?

During the performance, there will be three wine tastings and pairings featuring local retailer Nautical Wheelers, who carries a selection of wines at their shops in Oriental and New Bern. During those breaks, you will be given the opportunity to be your own crime solver where the suspects will be available for questioning. You can also ask other detectives questions & present your theories to them…

Miss Murple’s Last Case is suitable for 18 years and older. It’s 7:30pm Friday and Saturday, April 7 & 8, 2017 and 3:00pm on Sunday, April 9. The Old Theater, 609 Broad Street, Oriental. Tickets $20.00 (includes wine tasting & food) and $18.00 for military and Old Theater members. Price includes wine tastings and pairings.

Tickets on sale at Nautical Wheelers (Oriental and New Bern), online at www.oldtheater.org plus on performance dates at the Old Theater box office.
miss murple
All proceeds of this event go to benefit the Old Theater, a non-profit organization.

miss murple

miss murple

miss murple

miss murple

Posted Thursday April 6, 2017 by Keith N. Smith

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