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New Years Eve 2011 Going into 2012
Exit the Year of the Flood
January 3, 2012
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Noise is an integral part of running with the dragon. Whether to run off bad spirits, or just vent a little stress, the crowd put great effort into their din making devices. Some were air powered, like Donna and Jerry Luh’s conch horns.
Others were of the culinary sort. Here, representatives of the Olsen and Thrasher families, visiting from New Bern, take a fortune cookie break with their skillets, pot and baking tin.
There were drums to be beat, too, including this one getting a good workout by a kimono clad Bella Gibson.
Then there was the hand held cannon. Turned from the prop shaft of a vintage sailboat, it was loaded with black powder and a detonator. When the firing pin was struck with a hammer, the cannon roared to life.
If you’re going to come to Oriental to run with the dragon, you want to have your picture taken, especially if you drove all the way from … Wisconsin. Here, Susan Cheatham makes a souvenir photo for Marie Inkenbrandt and Scott Finch. It took them 25 hours to drive from Milwaukee to Oriental because, as Marie admits, “we took a few detours.”
This paint brush wielding photographer was enjoying her anonymity.
Signing up participants for the 2012 Oriental Dragon Boat Races were Jeff Aydelette and Flora Moorman.
Also taking in the festivities in their kimonos were Marc and Lynne Kaplan. Marc says he brought them home from a trip to Beijing.
While human revelers exulted in bringing in the New Year, reaction among canines was mixed. Here, an unenthusiastic participant catches a ride up Hodges Street in human arms….
…which would not have been an option for Rowland. Had he taken a fright, there’s no way owner Keith Bruno, seen here visiting with Jim Edwards, could have carried the large dog home. Keith reports the Anatolian shepherd enjoyed watching the goings on.
Perfect recovery. Susan Cheatham is shown slotting one of the dragon’s teeth back into place. The tooth had been dislodged during the race but was returned within minutes of the event’s finish.
And so the man said to the dragon…. While it’s unclear what message Perry Cheatham is trying to convey, it’s probably favorable. Actually, he’s speaking with dragonmaster Fred Schultz, visible deep in the dragon’s throat. Fred carried the creature’s head during the run.
How many people does it take to count down the last 9 seconds of the New Year 2012? Ten. They are (9) Rita Vorleiter, (8) Greg Berndt, (7) Lynn Stiller, (6) Taylor Stiller and (5) Jess Harris. Not pictured are (4) Kara Wheeler, (3) Nicole Edwards, (2) Emma Conley, (1) Elizabeth Sligh and (0) Emma Wheeler. That makes nine people. To spell “2012” requires a tenth person. Kathy Long was the second “2”.

Happy New Year!

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Posted Tuesday January 3, 2012 by Bernie Harberts

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