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Oriental's 2014 Spirit of Christmas Parade
1 Dragon, 2 Pigs, 3 Horses, 11 Pipers and a Host of Reindeer
December 16, 2014
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Toni Leavitt and Bob Andrews were among the Oriental Tree Board members in the parade.
spirit christmas 2014 parade
If flying reindeer could be in the parade, why not a floating dragon? The crew who bring Oreintal’s Chinese New Years Dragon to life floated by.
spirit christmas 2014 parade
.. along with their rhythm section. Shown here are Dan Reinecke and Nol Engel.

Here are The 2014 Spirit Of Christmas Judges Awards:

  • Christmas Musical Award: PCHS Band
  • Reindeer Games Award: First Citizens Bank
  • Most Gracious Award: 11 Piping Pipers / TownDock.net
  • Glamorous Puppies Award: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital
  • Christmas Package Award: Grant Garman
  • Rigsby Rocks Superstar Award: Rufus Edwards et al
  • Most Prepared For The Holiday Award: Cubs & Scouts Pack/Troop 683
  • Best Santa Look-alike Award: Croaker Festival
  • Most Athletic Award: Minnesott Country Club
  • Holly & Ivy Award: Oriental Tree Board
  • Best Dressed Golf Cart Award: Picketts Last Charge
  • Best Treats Award: Pamlico Community College
  • Larry Walker Memorial Award: Roe Family (with Leesed Grandchildren)
  • Whoville Award: Daniela Norman
  • Holiday Princess Award: Pilgrims Chapel
  • Nautical But Nice Award: Bruno Family
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Part of the parade were PAWS and the New Leash on Life program (where inmates at Pamlico Correctional train dogs for adoption).
spirit christmas 2014 parade
Before the parade started, the hood of a Crosley was raised on Ragan Road. It wasn’t engine trouble, one of the men joked, but a chance for passersby to see the rubber band propelling the car. The hood was closed for the Crosley crew’s piston-based and motorized run thru the parade.
spirit christmas 2014 parade
Grant Garman, who acquired the Crosley in the past year, pointed out its credentials as helpfully stated on the trunk.

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Posted Tuesday December 16, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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