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Oriental's Future - Your Ideas & Concerns
Send In Your Thoughts For Town
February 28, 2017

hat could the Town of Oriental do better? Do you have an idea for making the town more appealing to tourists, more considerate of residents, more encouraging for businesses?

TownDock.net is curious what you think.

The Town Board holds a retreat Friday March 24 from 8a-4p at Pamlico Community College Oriental Town Hall.. At the retreat commissioners will brainstorm, sorting out projects and priorities for the coming year.

ideasIn advance of the retreat, Town Manager Diane Miller says Oriental residents may suggest what priorities they want the Board to address in the next fiscal year.

Miller says residents may send their “concerns, problems, what Town projects they like and don’t like” to admin@townoforiental.com and they will be compiled for the Town Commissioners. Deadline for that is March 17.

Because Town Dock readers would be interested in seeing what others are suggesting, you are welcome to send them here too.

TownDock.net will add your ideas, concerns, funding solutions, dream projects to a running list which we are publishing the ideas as they roll in.

So, what’s on your mind? Email link to send in your ideas and concerns

For the sake of clarity, we’re asking folks to provide/state their connection to Oriental – Do you live within the town limits, run a business in the town limits, live outside of town in the Oriental 28571 zip code, live elsewhere in the county, own property in town, visit town. If you live outside of the town limits, we are asking you say where. It helps to know where ideas are coming from

Thank you.

Posted Tuesday February 28, 2017 by Melinda Penkava

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