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Better Cell Service Coming To Oriental? Maybe.
Small Cell Antennas may be coming to town
November 22, 2017

here’s one cell tower that serves Oriental, on Kershaw Rd just outside of town. Verizon is on that tower.

While Oriental gets coverage from that tower, complaining about that coverage is a popular local sport.

But help might be on the way. Maybe.

Cell Tower MaybeLast month, Chris Machle, owner of the property where the New Village Brewery sits, and Oriental Town Hall were approached by Tower Engineering Professionals, an engineering firm representing Verizon. Working as a contractor for the telecom company, the firm was looking to install small cell antennas along Highway 55 at the New Village Brewery at Broad and Church Streets and on the water tower on Gilgo Road.

Town Manager Diane Miller had contacted several major cell companies in 2014 in an attempt to expand cell coverage in the area. None were interested. Last month’s offer was unexpected and unsolicited. Miller welcomed the idea.

Verizon would lease space from the landowners and install cylindrical antennas, either pole or roof mounted, on the properties. Machle and Miller received pictures of the potential small cell antenna to be installed.

Cell Tower Maybe
Some examples of Small Cell Antennas.

Machle and Miller said it is a proposal only at this time. They received the pictures, but little else.

Cell Tower Maybe
Potential small cell antennas may be located at the water tower on Gilgo and the New Village Brewery at Broad and Church.

When TownDock.net contacted the engineering firm to get more information, we were told the firm was no longer working on the project; but that Verizon had hired a different company to handle the work. Neither Machle or the Town have yet been contacted by the new company, or by Verizon directly.

Other means of cell service improvement have been explored by locals. The Village Geek weighed in with alternatives to Verizon and a few tricks to get better coverage.

Neither the Town or Machle have a contact at Verizon. Until the Town or Machle hear from the new company, the project is in limbo.

Posted Wednesday November 22, 2017 by Allison DeWeese

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