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PAWS 2017 Pet Parade
A Pirate, A Rabbit and A Skunk Walk Into A Park...
April 4, 2017
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pirate and a rabbit took top honors in the 2017 PAWS Pet Parade. There was also a dog dressed as – though not smelling like – a skunk, and 2 who came as a multi hull boat. In varying degrees of costume, 58 dogs took part in the parade as it wound around a block near Lou Mac Park on Saturday April 1.

Arrgghhh – Best in Show. Scooter, the Pirate Dog, with his human, Aria Steininger.

As always, the parade was sponsored by, and was a fundraiser for PAWS, the Pamlico Animal Welfare Society. Money raised – through entry fees, the sale of hot dogs and through open bribing of a designated Bribable Judge – will go to PAWS’ work in the county.

A menagerie of canines – more than 50 – took part in this year’s PAWS Pet Parade..

Among those programs are a spay/neuter effort, pet food distribution and the New Leash on Life adoption program. NLOL rescues dogs from shelterrs, gives them to inmates at Pamlico Correctional Center who train them to be better companions to humaas before the dogs are adopted outside of prison.

The Pet Parade momentarily became the Easter Parade. Cody, Ginger Barrett’s entry, won the Judges’ Choice top honors.
Some dogs eschewed – or perhaps chewed – costumes and just came as themselves. Seamus and Aonghus are Town Manager Diane Miller’s Irish wolfhounds.
Emmie James’ 5-year old beagle/pug rescue dog, Puck sported a goalie’s mask and won in the Sports Fanatic’s division (though his name comes not from hockey but from Shakespeare.) Puck has pluck, having recently survived getting hit by a car.
Teaching a dog old tricks – the Chinese art of T’ai Chi.
Jennifer Smart’s crew of Popeye and Ollie. A catamaran off to starboard may have given a chance to show off the dogamaran’s contribution to naval architecture – the dual-directional hull system.

And the Oriental Dog Parade 2017 winners were …

(Results and many more photos, ahead…)

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Posted Tuesday April 4, 2017 by Ben Casey

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