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SailPack Coach Dana Magliola Named To The ICSA Hall Of Fame
Dana receives the Outstanding Service by a Volunteer Award
June 5, 2024

ana Magliola always seems to be moving. On rare moments when he’s not in motion, he’s communicating.

Dana is the coach of the NC State SailPack sailing team. While collegiate football and basketball coaches have 7 figure salaries, most sailing coaches are unpaid volunteers. Like Dana.

SailPack coach is not his only volunteer position. He is also the Commissioner of SAISA, the South Atlantic Conference of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association.

Magliola has grown the SailPack sailing team from an also-ran to a contender. He hosts a collegiate regatta in Oriental every year that brings 18 sailing teams from around the country to town (and dramatically lowers the average age in Oriental for a weekend).

This week, Dana has been honored by his collegiate sailing peers. The award is from ICSA (the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association) – he is the recipient of the 2024 Outstanding Service by a Volunteer Award, which elevates Dana to being a member of the ICSA Hall Of Fame.

SailPack Regatta 2019
We didn’t know Dana wore ties.

This award recognizes those who have volunteered their time, talent, or resources to advance the interests of College Sailing at the club/team, Conference, or national level.

Here are quotes from Dana’s nomination letter (Dana was nominated by multiple collegiate coaches for this honor):


“When Dana was elected commissioner, I volunteered to be his VP as support since he was a volunteer coach. I thought he’d need the help, but he has far exceeded expectations as both coach and commissioner – and he has done it as a volunteer.”


“Dana is exactly what college sailing has needed as a commissioner, championing smaller club teams in an ever more competitive professional environment. He is never afraid to rock the college sailing boat and passionately strive for more.”


“He is all about growing the sport. He cares about every single sailor.”

Here are quotes from Dana Magliola, commenting on his role and the award:

“I think one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is getting to know all of these really bright and talented young student-athletes, and together we are doing something special to benefit college sailing and our conference. These have grown to be great friendships.”

“As a volunteer I find it’s easier for me to ask others to give of their time and contribute to the growth and vibrance of our sport.”

SailPack Regatta 2019
Dana Magliola.

“So much of what I learn in college sailing has come back to me in other aspects of my life. These experiences have made me a better father, husband, and professional.”

SailPack Regatta 2018
Dana Magliola and son (the smaller human on the right) watch the races in Oriental.

Dana Magliola and NC State SailPack return to Oriental in March 2025 for SailPack training, and in April 2025 for the SailPack Regatta.

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Posted Wednesday June 5, 2024 by Keith N. Smith

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