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Sandy Photos By Readers
Shared Views Of The Storm
October 28, 2012
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e spent much of Sunday waitin to see what Hurricane Sandy would do.

To pass the time, some TownDock.net readers pointed their cameras at the rising water, the new arrangements of boats and docks, the scenes where they live. They’ve shared their vantage points with the rest of us:

Gary Poindexter wrote Sunday night from Arapahoe – and Bairds Creek at the Neuse River. “Not as bad as Irene, but when the wind switched from NE to NW, the water started chewing on the docks and seawall. Hopefully the water level will go down soon. Feel bad for the folks getting ready to get it on Hatteras and S. Pamlico Sound where all this water is heading.” (Stephanie Poindexter photo.)
Ashley Erwin took this shot of the marina at Oriental Plantation, far up Smith Creek, around 7:30a on Sunday. The docks became covered by the water around mid-afternoon, after this photo was taken Ashley Erwin photo..
Steve Petty gleaned a moment of rising water at the Whittaker Creek docks. (Photo: Steve Petty)
In the Buccaneer Bay neighborhood the Neuse River waters were surging up Smith Creek Sunday morning. Phyllis Chaplik who sent in this photo noted that with the flooded yards, she lived “not on Smith Creek but in Smith Creek.”
Water seemingly everywhere on and over Smith Creek. (Phyllis Chaplik photo.)
Alan Dewar notes that “even cars get stuck at their “hurricane hole”. This lot is one of two in the Sail Loft subdivision to park cars in a rising water storm. “My problem was that the ground was so saturated with water that the car sank into the ditch when I was driving over it. The car survived well after the tow truck pulled it out. I expect the tow truck to return to the area as people come to retrieve their cars.” Alan added that he “washed under the car as soon as I got home.”(Alan Dewar photo.)
“From Minnesott Beach,” Ben Casey writes, “here is photo of the typical damage. Its widespread. Cars everywhere have been littered with pine straw and leaves. Waiting for FEMA to respond and help with the clean-up.” (Photo: Ben Casey.)

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Posted Sunday October 28, 2012 by Melinda Penkava

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