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Silospalooza 2023
Music fans brave the heat
August 16, 2023

n 2023, May storms triggered a rescheduled Silospalooza – for mid-August. Despite the impressive heat and humidity, the crowds turned out to celebrate 10 years of Silospalooza.

People gathered under the Red Rooster pavilion, and set up chairs and blankets beneath blooming shade trees.

With intense focus, a little boy swings a bubble wand as hard as he can.

Kids kept cool playing on a water slide. Adults made use of hand fans and cold drinks.

Keeping cool in the shade. Human powered fan optional.

Four played the stage, breaking for the annual pizza eating contest at 5:30p. Three contestants braved the heat to eat a cheese pizza as quickly as they could – using only a fork and knife.

Three contestants competed to win the contest. Win or lose, they all got a free pizza.

Gary Dudley & the Maxxtones opened the festival at 2:30, followed by The Southern Hellcats at 4. Built for Comfort got people moving again after the eating contest, while Todd Barnes and the Wild Hares closed out the night.

Built for Comfort’s Bill Hunneke on harmonica.
Kids dance on the lawn before returning to the shade.
A rubber duck roadie.
Wearing the official Silospalooza t-shirt.
Built for Comfort hails from Greenville, NC.
Bartender Jenn Edwards opens a bottle at the Red Rooster.
Waiting for a friend to come back to the water slide.
Catching the band from the shade of the pavilion.
Southern Hellcats lead singer Chris Daniels reads the announcements.
One of two harmonica stands; this one holding the set list.
Hanging out with crowd.

Southern Hellcats were without their sound engineer, Chris Sandvig.

Silos owners Chris & Kim Daniels had this to say:

In memory of our beloved sound engineer, Chris Sandvig. The loss of Chris earlier this spring was felt by all the bands. 

We loved him and the day wasn’t the same without him.

Chris & Kim Daniels
Chris Sandvig with his father Mike, bassist for Southern Hellcats.

Posted Wednesday August 16, 2023 by Allison DeWeese

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