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Snow Fall in Oriental
Change In Precip & The Landscape
February 25, 2015
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t’s been a long winter, mainly of rain and cold. The last week in February brought snow. It fell for several hours Tuesday morning and in to the afternoon and left a few inches on the ground.

snow february 2015
A snowman at the end of Oriental’s Town Dock.

By mid afternoon the precipitation had turned to a gentle rain, but the bracing subfreezing temps kept the snow intact for a while longer. Here are some quick scenes caught between raindrops.

snow february 2015
This harbormaster’s stint is likely a short one
snow february 2015
A sculpture in front of Village Gallery frames Oriental’s snowy harbor.
snow february 2015
Dogs weather the snow on the porch of the Village Gallery.
snow february 2015
Across the street, snow covered slips at Oriental Marina.

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Posted Wednesday February 25, 2015 by Melinda Penkava

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