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Snow Saturday, January 22
Village Covered By Deeper Than Expected Snow
January 23, 2011
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he snowfall that covered Oriental on Saturday may be remembered for taking the village by surprise. Meteorologists had suggested only an inch would come down. The snow that started around midday kept going for about 6 hours, putting approximately a half a foot of snow on the ground by nightfall.

The pier at Lou Mac Park around 3:45p. Snow would fall for another two hours.

This was the second snowfall in January 2011 and the third this winter. They’ve been coming roughly about 2 weeks apart.

Russ, Diane and Tristan Stewart near the remains of the old pier on South Avenue. Visibility on the Neuse was minimal.

The few people who did take a walk through Oriental Saturday afternoon found snow coming at them sideways. On the ground, the tread underfoot became more slippery as the temperatures fell.

For the effort of bundling up and still getting cold, there was the reward of being in the middle of the swirling white flakes and taking in the very changed landscape. In many places, the snow did such a thorough job of blanketing that the scenes had only a hint of color.

First floor porch of Jan and Chuck Hinman’s home on South Avenue.

Elsewhere, bright hues still popped through. Both can be found in these photos, most of which were taken from mid to late afternoon Saturday.

The snowy background sets off the hulls all the more on the boats at Tritons boatyard on Midyette Street.
A few steps down Midyette Street, Deshawn Dillahunt called out to say that he’d measured 6 inches of snow in the front yard. That was around 4:30p.
At the Town Dock, the sailboat “Ann” was gathering a few inches of snow by mid-afternoon. That stood in contrast to the scene there a day earlier.
Sunflower gate near Wall Street.

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Posted Sunday January 23, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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