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Spirit of Christmas 2011 Parade
A Photo Gallery
December 14, 2011

he theme of this year’s Spirit of Christmas parade was “Christmas Around The World” but it may just as easily have been the idea of spirit itself.

Santa and his crew pass by the porch of the Bean. In the foreground, at left, is part of another Oriental Christmas tradition, the Oriental star.

While Oriental and Pamlico County continue recovering from Hurricane Irene, folks took some time on Saturday to take part — as entries or spectators — in the parade.

Santa, passing the Post Office aloft in his inflatable boat.

Santa was there, as always, arriving in a bright orange inflatable. The Baker family once again brought The Grinch to the festivities. This year, the Grinch rolled down the parade route atop a tower that was about the height of a deer stand, while a throng of Whos paraded alongside.

Whos get first. Best in Show kudos went to the Grinch in a tower float and Who’s on the ground.

Honored as parade marshals in this year’s Spirit of Christmas parade were several people who volunteered so much time to the Hurricane Irene recovery efforts here. Members of the volunteer fire department and the recovery team at Oriental United Methodist Church rode the Parade Marshal float.

Parade marshals included members of the Station 19 Fire Department and volunteers from the Oriental United Methodist Church. They were honored for the days and weeks of work they did in the wake of Hurricane Irene.
Goldie, whose companion, John Bond passed away two weeks ago, here with John’s widow, Fay Bond. They rode in the golf cart that John driven in many parades.

There were kids of all ages. Also, dogs tricked out in hats and antlers. A Zumba team with energy to spare. A lot of candy tossed. And spirits lifted for a bit.

Our photos start with a closer view of the Grinch, and team:

A closer view of The Grinch as the float passed near the Post Office. That’s Luke Baker under the mask.
The Grinch’s ground-level-crew of Whos pose before the parade. Lauren Baker, Cameron Privette, Macy Holadia, Patrick Baker and Jennifer Baker, whose hair stayed upright til about a third of the way down the parade route.


Despite the presence of a Grinch, the Girl Scouts walked — and sang carols — on the parade route.
Employees of First Citizens Bank had an “International Cookie” theme.
Zumba instructor from VIllage Health and Fitness.
Elaine Creel zumbas.
Spongebob Squarepants in his holiday garb.
In keeping with the Christmas Around The World parade theme, Pamlico Community College had boxes addressed to various nations….
Alexis Kisbee on one of Station 19’s vintage trucks, along with a canine friend.


More of the Pamlico Community College gift boxes, this time pulling a wagon near The Bean.
Pa-rhum-pum-pum. Several drummer boys. The Pamlico High School Hurricanes Band.
Riders on a float that itself was dressed as a reindeer.
Taking aim. A candy-tosser aboard the Camp Sea Gull/Camp Seafarer float.
For some spectators, candy was not tossed to them but gently offered.
A canine wardrobe malfunction is attended to on the Marine Consignment of Oriental float.
Holde family truck.
The Shriners’ Gator crew on Broad Street.


Cub Scout float.
Cub Scout float, port-side..
The Florence/Whortonsville Fire Station were in the parade as were several other fire stations.
A cluster of spectators early along the parade route, just where paraders turned on to Broad Street.
The Grinch strikes a more.. contemplative pose on passing the Duck Pond on Hodges Street.
If it’s a parade, the Wrightsville Beach Lion will be there.
No reindeer, but a human — Tennessee Ronnie Kennamer — pulling Santa’s “sleigh” for the mile-long parade route. At this point in the parade, the end was in sight.
Still going strong. Zumba instructor and dancers near the end of the parade.

The Chief Parade Elf, Paul Fairbank reports these results from “the secret judge headquarters:”

Best of Show- The Grinch
Spirit of Christmas- Both the Girl and Boy Scouts
Santa’s Southern Representative- Hillbilly Santa
Best Candy- Station 19 (the old truck)
Best Music- PCHS Band

Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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