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Spirit of Christmas Parade 2015
Merry Dinghy Christmas
December 14, 2015
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soc 2015
Amy Chapin with the First Citizens Bank flotilla of dinghies.
soc 2015
As the NBYC passed The Bean, someone on the porch called out, “Are you lost?” likely a reference to the presence of so many more jackets in one place than is commonly seen in Oriental. Some in the NBYC sailed to Oriental for the weekend.
soc 2015
Skip Bailey lets fly more candy, while June Durham readies another handful.
soc 2015
From Deaton’s Tow Boat Us boat, Rita Vorleiter dispensed candy and greetings.
soc 2015
Double-decker dinghies – and another in tow with 2 canines aboard — were the entry of Offshore Rafting inflatable repairers.
Judge’s Honors: 2015 SOC Parade

Best Christmas music – PCHS band

Tallest – Candy Bohemert

Best elves – Spencer & Grace

Best dinghy captain – a tie – Jack Bond & Habitat

Prettiest boat – Jeff Troeltzsch

Prettiest float – PCC winter wonderland

Best on-board activities – Off Shore Rafting

Best vocals – NSA

Most relaxing – Rosebud massage

Most anticipated – USCG and Santa

soc 2015
Santa always counts on the US Coast Guard’s inflatable to be his sleigh in such warm climes.

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Posted Monday December 14, 2015 by Melinda Penkava

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