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Two Rides, One Event: 2020 Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride
The tradition keeps rollin' on
November 27, 2020

oo many events have been cancelled in 2020. All due to restrictions trying to keep a pandemic at bay. But it was determined Oriental’s annual holiday Bike Ride would continue, one way or another.
The first ride had a little more room for cyclists to maneuver.

COVID-19 restrictions placed a limit of 50 people for any outdoor gathering. But the Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride – a casual ride to the town marinas before the big feast – is a popular tradition drawing between 80 – 100 riders. So to keep within the guidelines and keep the event going, two rides were held.

The first was at 9a, for those with a last name beginning with a letter between A and M. The second ride, for those surnames in the N-Z group, started at 10a.

A unicorn helmet for safety

There was one other factor: the weather. Rain threatened at 75% through both rides. But Mom Nature had other ideas. A brief shower at 8:30a and rain-free skies after.

The 9a group had about 20 participants. At 10a, closer to 40. Each ride began and ended on Hodges Street, in front of The Bean.

All the enjoyment, none of the work.
Stopping briefly at Whittaker Point Marina.
Alternate cycles also came with fat tires, electric motors, and a cup holder.
Fresh cyclists getting a start at the 10a ride.
A rain poncho doubles as a cape.
A dragon master and a publisher lead the bike pack.
All smiles, this family hurried to catch the second ride.
Two of the alternate style cycles seen at the ride.
Riders in the 9a crew.
Remnants of the 9a riders. Many peeled off to head for home along the way. Those that made it to the end: Keith Smith, Lew and Doug Carmichael, and the TownDock.net photographer.

Posted Friday November 27, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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