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Unattended Dog Attacks
Injuries sustained
April 11, 2023

arlier this morning, April 11, TownDock staff heard commotion and then screaming coming from Factory Street near First Ave in the village behind the TownDock offices. A large black dog with a white chest was seen jumping up on a woman who was holding a smaller dog in her arms, turning away from the jumping dog.

The woman is Belinda Barrow, wife of former Commissioner Martin Barrow.

A couple walking down Factory St. towards the harbor rushed to help her, as did a man with a rake near Marsha’s Cottage on Wall St. and Eric Kindle, coming from the town dock near the Bean.

TownDock spoke to Kindle, who said he and the man with the rake reached the scene about the same time. Kindle directed the couple to take Barrow and her dog away, while the other man used the rake to push the dog off and away from Barrow.

Photo provided by Oriental Police Department.
Photo provided by Oriental Police Department.

With woman and dog behind the two men, the larger dog tried to circle around the men, but “didn’t bare his teeth or act aggressively” towards them, said Kindle. When it couldn’t get by, it changed direction, running down Main St. toward Highway 55. Kindle quickly followed, and saw his mother walking his own dog, Max, down Main St. toward them.

Kindle said the black dog “went after Max,” but it was brief as Kindle was able to separate the black dog from the leashed Max.

The unattended dog’s owner showed up in a black pickup truck, “threw the dog inside” and then threatened Kindle if he hurt it. Kindle said he told the man his dog had hurt a woman one street over. The driver took off in that direction, then circled back saying he didn’t see a distressed woman on the road.

Barrow and the couple had gone to The Bean by the harbor. Kindle later reported that Barrow’s clothes were torn and she had scrapes and cuts, but he didn’t know if she had been bitten. Her dog went to veterinarian Doctor Sherri Hicks where, according to Kindle, they found a puncture wound on the dog’s hindquarters.

Officer Bill Wichrowksi said both Barrow and her dog sustained injuries, but nothing life-threatening. He took a statement and referred the case to Animal Control.

The man in the black truck was identified as ‘Joe.’ Officer Wichrowski would not confirm a last name as he was not certain of the owner’s identity and the investigation is ongoing. Barrow’s husband has taken her to get checked out for her injuries.

TownDock spoke with Barrow. She said she is still very shaken after the incident. “This dog came out of nowhere. I hear running, saw the dog coming full charge and immediately pulled Bogie [her dog] up.”

Barrow said the dog bit her on the hand and finger, and scratched her on the arm, but she is more shaken than anything. Bogie, she added, is doing well at Dr. Hicks’ office despite having been shaved to look for puncture wounds. Barrow and her husband will be able to pick Bogie up later this afternoon.

Officer Bill Wichrowski told TownDock the owner hid the dog with a friend. Her was arrested Tuesday evening by Pamlico County Deputies when he did not produce the dog for animal control.

Posted Tuesday April 11, 2023 by Allison DeWeese

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