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Village Gallery Expands
Six Rooms of Art, Up From One
January 12, 2013
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hen it opened in the spring of 2009, The Village Gallery displayed the work of its 20 artists in one room. As it closes in on its fourth year, the gallery has expanded to occupy all of the ground floor of its building. Visitors can now see art in six separate spaces.

Art to absorb and a place to sit to do so. The new Back Room at the Village Gallery.

One big addition is the room in the back of the building where a half dozen large portraits by artist Sally Anger are now on display. Judy Wayland, who manages the gallery, says the addition of that room makes Village Gallery “one of the few galleries that can take in large art.”

Faces on the wall in the Village Gallery’s Back Room.

Benches have been added, too. They invite visitors to take a moment – rather like a museum — so that they can sit down for a while and take in the works. Until the end of January, those looking up at the walls will find a half dozen faces staring back at them. On another wall, the eye can take in an antique display case where highly decorated handbags are on view.

One of the Village Gallery’s new rooms, the Miniature Fine Art Room — with the more diminutive sized paintings which also come at a smaller price.

While the Back Room offers space for large paintings, an adjacent room takes the opposite tack. There, in what’s called the Miniature Fine Art room, more than one hundred paintings, most under a square foot in size, are arrayed on racks on the wall. These are the works of the Village Gallery’s 20 core artists and they were assembled in that room just as the holiday season was starting.

One wall of the smaller paintings. In foreground, J.J. Jiang’s depiction of a porch and rocker.

The idea was to put works on display — and for sale — that would appeal to gallery visitors and shoppers and their wallets. Judy Wayland says that “with the economy the way it is,” she wanted to make sure art could still be given as gifts. Most of the pieces are well under $100 and Wayland says that prior to the holidays, they were selling “hand over fist.” (She estimates that gallerywide, half of the works are sold to those who live within 50 miles of Oriental.)

Another of the large format portraits in the Village Gallery’s Back Room. Beyond it is the room where long-time local sculptor Gary Gresko has his sculptures and drawings on display.

See next page for more on the expansion.

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Posted Saturday January 12, 2013 by Melinda Penkava

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