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Visiting Trawler Sports Bent Outrigger
Collison With Morehead City Bridge Adds A Bend
July 3, 2017

bservant eyes in Oriental this weekend might have noticed a trawler with a crooked outrigger in the harbor. That was Sea Miner, a 74’ trawler visiting from Darien, Georgia.

Sea Miner shows her bent gear.
Trawler Sea Miner shows her bent gear.

Word around town had been that it hit “the bridge,” implying that it was the local Robert Scott bridge. Representatives from Garland Fulcher Seafood told TownDock.net that Sea Miner actually hit the Morehead City Bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway on Thursday.

The boat’s starboard outrigger showed a crack in one of its beams.

A closeup view of the crack in Sea Miner's starboard outrigger
A closeup view of the crack in Sea Miner’s starboard outrigger.
Sea Miner in the harbor on Sunday
Sea Miner at the Garland Fulcher docks on Sunday.

Posted Monday July 3, 2017 by Christopher Mcdermott

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