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Wanted: Dragon Keeper
Needed For New Year's Run
December 3, 2016

n just a few weeks, Oriental will celebrate the coming of 2017 with dragon runs on Hodges Street near the harbor. But in order to have two dragons tangoing near the Town Dock on New Year’s Eve, a new dragon keeper has to be found for the younger dragon.

chinese dragon
Meeting of the dragons, at Oriental Town Dock, helps usher in 2014. The dragon at right needs a new keeper.
chinese dragon
A daylight appearance to welcome in the Asian lunar new year, February 2011.

The serpentine Chinese dragon with the scarlet and gold scales came to Oriental from China in early 2011. Charlie and Sigrid Overcash spearheaded the community fundraising effort that paid for the dragon, and for the past 6 years, they have housed the dragon and organized its outings. They’ll bring the dragon out for this month’s Spirit of Christmas parade.

chinese dragon
Dragon in the 2013 Spirit of Christmas parade. It comes with a team who keep it aloft.

But after that, Charlie and Sigrid want to pass the dragon duties on to someone else who can see to the dragon’s safekeeping and coordinate its public appearances. Starting with New Year’s Eve.

chinese dragon
In early January 2012, the dragon ushered in its 2nd Asian New Year.

In addition to its December 31 dancing/writhing encounters with Oriental’s homegrown dragon, the Chinese dragon also has sparked a newer tradition in town, an afternoon run in the first day of the Asian Lunar New Year. It and its well-trained humans also make appearances in the Croakerfest and the Spirit of Christmas parades.

chinese dragon
Chinese dragon helps bring in 2014.

More urgently however, a dragon keeper is needed for the New Year’s Eve run.

Not many resum├ęs have the words “Dragon Keeper” on them. If you’d like to join that select group, contact Charlie at charlie@dockline.net

Chinese dragon
Chinese Dragon now needs a new keeper.
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Chinese dragon

Posted Saturday December 3, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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