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Winds Bring Low Water
Oriental And County Waterfronts Exposed
March 7, 2013
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urther proof may not have been needed, but it came anyway on Wednesday afternoon on a westerly wind that reached 38mph. It made clear that Oriental and Pamlico County are subject to the whims of a wind tide.

low water duck pond
Low water in the Duck Pond reveals greens as bright as the dragon’s Yeungling-glass body.

Usually, it’s the high-water events such as a hurricane or a strong Nor’easter that reminds us of this, by causing the problem of too much water and flooded lands. But it was winds out of the west that were at work Wednesday, and they pushed much of the water out of the harbor and the creeks and even away from along the edge of the Neuse River.

low water dawsons creek
The terrain where Dawsons Creek usually flows in to the Neuse River. (Photo: Tony Neam)

We didn’t get snow this winter, but the low-water phenomenon seemed to deserve the treatment we’d give to snow. Thanks for some additional photos sent in by readers

low water harbor
In the northernmost part of Oriental’s harbor, it was readily apparent that the water was down a few feet..
low water lou mac chairs
At Oriental’s Lou Mac Park, the chairs looked out on the remnants of an old bulkhead.
low water bulkhead lou mac
That bulkhead only reveals itself at low water events such as Wednesday’s.
Low water styrontown Beach stan brown
Styrontown Beach showed just how shallow its waters are. Stan Brown went for a walk there Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Christa Brown)

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Posted Thursday March 7, 2013 by Melinda Penkava

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