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48 Hour Film Project
Old Theater Hosts Small Town Filmakers
January 30, 2023

n January Oriental’s Old Theater was part of a national event, held in towns large & small across America. The 48 Hour Film Project.

xxIt was described like this:

The Official Unofficial 48 Hour Small Town Film Project
Write, shoot, and edit a short 5-7 (maximum with credits) minute film over the weekend

• Be at the Old Theater on January 13th at 7pm
• Choose 2 genres from a hat ( you only have to use 1 of them). There will be a character, prop and line that must appear in everyone’s film
• The race is on! You have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit your short film
• Upload your film by Sunday January 15th at 7pm

There were 6 films submitted (plus one after the deadline). This past weekend they were shown on the Old Theater big screen, and viewers voted on best film and other catagories.

The results:
  • Inspector Pepe / Best Picture, Best Director, Cinematography, Best Use of Character
  • Secret / Best Lead Actress, Best Use of Sound, Best Use of Prop
  • Spice of Our Lives / Best Lead Actor, Best Story Line
  • Everything / Best Use of Line
The films:

Inspector Pepe:


Spice Of Our Lives:

Culinary Clues:


Political Horror:


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