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Whittaker Creek Dredging - Raising The $
Tracking The Fundraising Progress
August 2, 2019

328,133. That’s the number that’s needed to dredge Whittaker Creek channel. Its the channel that comes off the Neuse and brings boats into marinas, boat yards and a lot of homes. It’s a key part of Oriental.

Funds raised as of Friday, August 2: $102,119
That is 93.4% of the total needed.

The good news is that there is a grant that covers most of that. The grant will pay $218,744 of it. But it is a matching grant. To get these funds released, the town must first raise $109,389.

This was the subject of a public meeting. The money to get to that $109,389 is coming from businesses and individuals. The suggested donation amounts: $6,000 for businesses on Whittaker Creek, and $400 per homeowner on Whittaker Creek. Plus anyone else who cares to kick in.

How to donate: Bring a check by Oriental Town Hall. Make the check out to “Town Of Oriental”, and then note in the memo line “Whittaker Creek Dredging”. You can also mail that check to:
Town Of Oriental, PO Box 472, Oriental NC 28571, Attn: Whittaker Creek Dredging.

Who has donated as of August 2, 2019.

Whittaker Creek Dredging – Questions & Answers.