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Brett Favre Traded To Oriental
Brantley Norman Will Become Packers Backup QB
August 7, 2008

rett Favre’s career suspense is over. TownDock.net’s News Extra team has learned that the Green Bay Packers have traded Brett Favre for Brantley Norman, owner and operator of Brantley’s Village Restaurant in Oriental.

Favre had demanded to be re-instated as the Green Bay Packers’ head quarterback, or be traded to an organization where he can be the “top man.” The Packers quest led them to Oriental, securing Favre a position he will accept while at the same time giving the franchise a seasoned backup quarterback.

Brett Favre and Brantley Norman traded in a cross country deal
In the trade, Norman, OHS class of 1955, has agreed to become the backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Norman will earn $1.3 million per year, with opportunities for bonus money in years 2 and 3 of his contract. Brantley has agreed to maintain a consulting and marketing relationship with The Village Restaurant, including the rights to use his name.

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy says he is pleased to have a cooperative player like Brantley, stating “He is willing to be the backup quarterback, and it’s also great to have someone who will warm up my coffee.”

The new sign on Broad St.
Brett Favre will join The Village Restaurant as Senior Manager, and the restaurant has agreed to be renamed “Brett & Brantley’s”. Favre will earn $24,000 per year in his new role, plus a $2,000 per year marketing bonus if “Brett & Brantley’s” hat and t-shirt sales go well. He will receive an undisclosed sum of Village Restaurant stock, and a benefits package to include free buffet lunch with beverage. A signing bonus of a Ms. Sils Lemon Meringue Pie is included, plus a second pie in month 13 of the 3 year contract. “While I’m taking a bit less pay” Favre stated, “the Village Restaurant is providing me with the ‘top dog’ spot I require. I’m excited about the opportunity to compete in this role.”

While news of the trade may surprise villagers, the trade had been in the works for weeks. Green Bay Scouts were spotted last week in Oriental putting Brantley through the paces.

Green Bay scouts Dave Starr and Jimmy Lombardi were impressed with Norman’s workout. Here Starr uses a radar gun to clock Norman’s snappy throw.
Privately, scouts Lombardi and Starr allowed that Brantley may not have been the Packers’ first choice. However, they said that “the New York Jets were jerks to deal with” and the Village Restaurant trade was “the only clean option.” What impressed the scouts most was Brantley’s hand-eye coordination and what one called his “uncanny ability to find a teammate on the field,” a skill honed in the restaurant where across the room Brantley could spy a lone glass of iced tea that needed a refill.

The deal was sealed following Brantley’s impressive workout (the Scouts were in contact with coach McCarthy on their headsets). Initially Norman was offered the NFL miniumum salary of $285,000 per year, but held out for more. “I know my value to the Packers, and Favre really wants to put his mark on that menu.” While Brantley made his deal, Favre held a news conference announcing his move to Oriental.
Norman plans to bring some of his trademark moves to the Packers, including his famed “Buffet Blitz.”

Favre will start in Oriental effective immediately. In an exclusive interview, Favre disclosed that “there will be some changes”. Thursday will become the “Fried Chicken and Cheese Buffet”, and Fridays seafood will be dropped, substituting all you can eat corn-on-the-cob.

Career Highlights – Brett Favre

Quarterback, Green Bay Packers, 1990-2007

  • Most wins by a starting quarterback (NFL) regular season career: 160 (Regular season record: 160-93)
  • Most career passing touchdowns: 442
  • Most career passing yards: 61,655
  • Most career pass completions: 5,377

Career Highlights – Brantley Norman

Quarterback, Village Restaurant, 1978 – 2008

  • Most glasses of ice tea served: 2,874,219

Oriental High School “Green Admirals” Basketball Team 1952
Texaco Station Attendant 1968

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