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Local Man Teaches Canine Etiquette
"They shouldn't act like animals"
April 1, 2004

oss Pease made headlines in 2002 with his controversial effort to save the lives of mosquitos. Now the Arapahoe man is back with a new mission – teaching canine etiquette.

"Do you really think dogs want to go to the bathroom outside" asks Pease. "Of course they don’t. But how are they supposed to learn basic manners, when thoughtless owners send their pets outside to relieve themselves. It’s very wrong….and I am dedicating myself to righting this wrong."

Ross Pease lecturing a village dog on proper etiquette. Note the guilty look of an animal that knows it has displayed poor etiquette.

Pease feels dog owners can’t be trained – his program is to take education directly to the dogs. Using a copy of "Miss Manners Guide To Canine Etiquette", Pease is spending time with area dogs, letting them know there is an alternative.

Often area dogs now join Ross Pease at the Oriental Harbor Arbor. He reads a new chapter from "Canine Etiquette" each week to the appreciative listeners.

While Pease’s goal is to train canines on the benefits of indoor plumbing, he has concluded that he must embrace interim measures.

The "Fido House"

"As much as I read to the dogs about the joys of toilet training, some of them are slow learners. Regretfully, I must conclude that going outside is a difficult habit to break."

The interim measure? Pease is mounting "Fido House" plastic bag dispensers throughout the village. The first unit has been mounted at the Oriental Harbor Arbor.

Wearing his trademark floppy hat and goggles, Pease showed TownDock.net’s NewsExtra News Team his field technique:

First, Pease discovers and identifies the offending material.

Using the plastic bag Pease safely and skillfully captures his prey.

Completing the maneuver.

If you would like your dog to participate in the Canine Etiquette Course, look for Ross Pease early mornings at the arbor reading to the dogs.

NewsExtra News Team – full disclosure:
While no animals were harmed during the preparation of this story, an otherwise perfectly good Baby Ruth bar was used to simulate the "offending material."

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