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An alternative cover is uncovered - "BOYS IN BABELAND"
October 10, 2002

eslie Cameron was steamed. Leslie has spent a lot of her life on or near the water. She has circumnavigated the globe.

Leslie Cameron
She has delivered boats. She now works across the street from Oriental’s Town Dock where sailors from away are a common sight. In all that time, Leslie Cameron can’t recall seeing sailors of the sort depicted on the cover of October’s SAIL magazine.

“What were they THINKing?” she asked to anyone in earshot at the Treasure Company, as she pointed to the tropical scene of two women lounging on the foredeck of a multihull, their only protection from the harsh elements, two strategically placed towels.

"How should I phrase this? " she asks. And in a second she answers, “It is the most offensive thing they’ve put on a cover!”.

SAIL magazine’s October cover gets noticed

A Question of Timing

"SAIL started as a racing magazine," Leslie notes. She wonders if it has changed its focus. “The Amercia’s Cup Challenge got underway this month. And what do they put on the cover?? Babes in Boyland!”

"Are they trying to tell us "This is Auckland"?, asked Leslie, who has sailed in that part of the world. "What WERE they thinking? "

We can’t know what SAIL was thinking. But Leslie’s line about Babes in Boyland got TownDock.net to thinking.. what if we had Boys in Babeland? What if the shoe were on the other foot? What if we didn’t throw in the towel … but donned some of our own?? What if…..

TownDock.net proudly debuts an alternative magazine cover….click here.


Our thanks to our stalwart models – Ken Brandon & Paul Mascaro. Now – in response to reader requests – the two covers side by side….just click here.


Here are the two covers side by side.

Note SAIL’s blue surfboard. We didn’t have a blue surfboard – so instead used a “Pamlico Surfboard” (a 2" x 6").

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